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Change is on its Way - Newsletter Gauteng

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Here we can post our Newsletters in a blog format.


We are grateful to have Paul Grobler, Pastor of the church who uses our premises, to come and speak to us on a Monday Mornings. He gives us, the staff, an encouraging word followed by a powerful prayer. I believe that this has a great impact on the Teachers in the school, which then influences the rest of the school. Prayer Mothers – Although it has been difficult to meet during COVID the mothers are still actively praying for the issues within the school as well as other issues that have been laid on their heart. I believe that they have had a zoom prayer session. I always leave feeling encouraged and spirit filled. Posters – I was able to update the Posters around the school. I hope these posters will invoke fruitful thought and transformation within the lives of the students.

We celebrated Youth day on Wednesday this week as the students came back from their public holiday on Tuesday the 16th of June. With the help of the staff at Hoёrskool Die Wilgers we were able give the matrics a chocolate with a scripture verse to encourage and inspire them.



Overall, it has been challenging to find creative ways to overcome the obstacles presented by COVID -19. However, the school now has an online platform which we can use to reach the students. Therefore, I am certain that no matter what the future may hold we will still be able to support the students, via virtual platforms. Unfortunately, the position for the social worker at our school has not yet been filled. Therefore, this has made referrals more difficult. Yet through all this I have been able to have a greater influence on the teachers within the school. Hoёrskool Die Wilgers has a special place in my heart and through prayer, building relationship, service, diligence and the power of the Holy Spirit I believe that fruitful transformation will manifest.

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