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Kohin’s vision and mission is to find solutions for youth related challenges through the placement of well-equipped Kohin youth coaches in schools on a full-time basis and the implementation of youth related projects. Kohin currently have access to approximately 100 000 young people in schools nationally. Kohin wants to expand this influence through the sustainable support of full time Kohin youth coaches.

Kohin means mediator and Kohin youth coaches act as mediators between youth and other role-players like teachers, parents, social workers, other youth organisations and governmental departments (e.g. the Department of Education and the Department of Social Development).

Kohin youth coaches act as role models that youth can identify with and provide hands-on support and developmental opportunities for youth from all backgrounds. Kohin is driven by values like integrity, discipline, commitment to competence, excellence and authenticity and strive to provide effective service delivery within the environments (mostly schools) through quality relationship building with all relevant role players.

Kohin  was registered in 1996, but only started to place youth coaches in schools from 2002, with only a few youth coaches being placed in schools in Gauteng. Kohin now has a diverse team of youth coaches, representative of all ethnic groups and are working in a large number of schools across the country impacting urban and rural communities.

Kohin’s focus is on prevention and early intervention as part of child protection services. Since Kohin is registered as a welfare organisation with the Department of Social Development, the program is specifically designed to fulfil their service specifications and requirements for effective service delivery.

Kohin enters into agreements with local churches, the business sector and/or the Department of Social Development in order to raise financial support for the Kohin program including the placement and support of youth coaches.

Kohin’s best equipped youth coaches are trained and develop to reach certain outcomes pertaining to individual and corporate transformation.

Kohin partners with schools to provide support and infrastructure for the youth coaches to be able to effectively reach those outcomes.

Youth coaches assist schools by building relationship with learners through individual screening and assessment, coaching and mentoring sessions.

The Kohin youth coach program focus on the development of learners’ physical, emotional and spiritual potential and address the needs of learners on all levels.

Where needed, youth coaches do crisis intervention sessions and referrals to specialised services, while continuously following up and rendering support.

Youth coaches further assist the schools by setting up a transformation task team who will assist in making an assessment of the school, identifying the key developmental areas and setting goals with suggested mechanisms to be used for transformation.


These corporate transformation mechanisms include assisting in Life Skill classes and programs; facilitating regular activities like small groups and peer support groups; as well as initiate projects like youth weeks, awareness campaigns, camps, motivational talks and cultural events in order to meet and address the specific areas in need of transformation in each school and community.

Kohin is dependent on partnerships with schools, local churches, individuals, the business sector, mining industry and the Department of Social Development for the financial support needed for the effective implementation of the Kohin programme, including the placement and support of youth coaches. Kohin provides a viable and exciting Corporate Social Investment (CSI) opportunity for the corporate sector.

Since Kohin is a non-profit organisation with Section 18A status, an individual taxpayer or corporate entity can contribute financially or in goods and is entitled to a certificate for deduction from his table income, if the donation does not exceed 10% of the taxable income (before allowing any deduction under Section 18A).

The cost to place a youth coach on a full-time basis, as well as continuous support and management of the youth coach amount to R8500-00 per month or R102 000 per year. The sponsor can also decide to sponsor anything else, or a smaller amount.

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